Why Invest in a Motion Picture?

"While film investments are risky, the potential return from a hit can be enormous. Not only can the film earn revenue from box office receipts, but also there are many ancillary sources of income. These sources include revenue from television, home video, merchandising, music publishing, soundtrack albums, sequels and remakes." - Mark Litwak, veteran entertainment attorney.

We live in an age when intellectual property has become the United States' greatest export. Americans now spend more money on entertainment ($480 billion) than they do on healthcare or even clothing, representing 8.4% of consumer expenditures (WIRED). The advent of global 500-channel interactive television dictates that the demand for content will continue to grow. There has never been a better time to invest in a media-related venture.

Tri Cinemas believes that its films represent a remarkable opportunity for investors willing to take the risk of becoming involved with the financing of a feature-length motion picture. The recent success of the March of the Penguins and movies such as A Mighty Wind and This is Spinal Tap demonstrate the strength of the growing markets for independent films that are family oriented and/or rock movies.


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